The List of CCF New Senior Members in 2022 Released  04-19-2022

On April 12, 2022, CCF named 339 senior members from all applicants on the meeting of CCF members Committee.

2021 CCF Awarding Ceremony in Hengdian Zhejiang  02-28-2022

2021 CCF Award Ceremony was grandly held in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province on February 19, 2022 with the theme of Responsibility, Innovation and Dedication.

CCF Announces 2021 Life Achievements Award Recipients  01-28-2022

CCF Awarding Committee named Hu Shouren, Professor of National University of Defense Technology, and Zhang Jingzhong, Professor of Guangzhou University, recipients of 2021 CCF Life Achievements Award ...

CCF Announced 2021 Xia-Peisu Award Winners  01-24-2022

Professor Jin Zhi, Peking University, and Professor Shi Yuanchun, Tsinghua Unviersity were awarded the 2021 Xia-Peisu Award (to Female Scientist) for their great contributions to advance China Computi...

Wang Juhong Recognized with 2021 CCF Outstanding Contribution Award  01-19-2022

CCF Awarding Committee decided to recognize Ms. Wang Juhong, vice president of Tencent, with 2021 CCF Outstanding Contribution Award for her great contribution to the establishment of CCF industry-uni...

CCF Announced 2021 Distinguished Service Award Recipients  01-18-2022

CCF Awarding Committee named Chen Xilin, Professor, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, and Tan Xiaosheng, Founder of Genius Cybertech Company, recipients of 2021 CCF Distinguished Service Award f...

CCF Named the Recipients of 2021 Outstanding Education Award  01-12-2022

CCF Awarding Committee decided to recognize Professor Yuan Chunfeng, Nanjing University, and Professor Zhang Ming, Peking University, 2021 CCF Outstanding Education Award

CCF Announced the Winners of 2021 CCF Outstanding Engineer Award  01-10-2022

CCF Awarding Committee announced the winners of 2021 CCF Outstanding Engineer Award, Mr. Hu Xinwei, ICT OS Infrastructurer, Huawei,and Dr. Pan Jianfeng, VP & Chief Scientist, 360 Group.