CCF Honored 455 Senior Members


CCF evaluated and honored senior members on the first half of 2023 after selection meeting on April 11, 2023. 

CCF Membership Committee reviewed each nomination material and endorsement, and referred to Article 12 of CCF Membership Regulations, which states that "the number of fellows, outstanding members, and senior members respectively accounts for about 1%, 10%, and 25% of professional members." 

Based on considerations of academic achievements, contributions to CCF, industry recognition, and CCF membership length, 455 senior members were finally selected.

CCF individual membership grades includes student member, professional member, senior member, distinguished member, and fellow. CCF professional members who have demonstrated performance or professional contributions in computing with at least 10 years professional experience, and at least 2 years of continuous CCF membership, can nominate to be senior members. Senior member evaluation are conducted twice a year (in April and September).