At present, there are nearly 20 million students in universities and colleges in China, and nearly 6 million graduates each year. College students feel confused about what they should learn in the university, what knowledge they should have, what ability they can improve, and how to remain competitive after they go into the society. Many college students worried about their employment and future after graduation. On the other hand, for many enterprises, it is difficult to find talents available. That is one pair of contradiction.

What kind of knowledge and ability should college students have, so they can adapt to the changing society and create value for the society in the future? This is not only a matter of concern to the training organizations and universities, but also common concern to the whole society.

As an academic organization on the computing in China, CCF assumes social responsibility with rich resources of senior computer professionals and management experts from academia and enterprises, who are active in R&D, education, management, career planning and other fields, and rich experience and competence to guide the college students for future development. CCF@U Program launched in 2009 for above purposes.

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Lv Liang, located in the middle of Shanxi Province, China, was ever the main battlefield of the Red Army's Eastern Expedition in the revolutionary and wartime, also one of the poorest cities in Shanxi Province. CCF take Lv Liang as focus of poverty alleviation through education since 2001, and Lv Liang Poverty Alleviation Program also gain great attention from the members of CCF.