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A full year (12 issues) of subscription Communications of the CCF


Chinese version, PDF file

Report on Advances in Computer Science and Technology of China


Chinese version, annual report

Participation in CCF flagship event --CNCC (China National Computer Congress) in China

Special rates

Annually, more than 7000 attendees in 2018

Participation in activities by CCF Chapters

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30 city chapters in China

Participation in Technical Committees sponsored conferences

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34 Technical Committees covers major areas of computing, host more than 50 activities every year, most in China

Participation in YOCSEF’s activities

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27 Branches in China, host 100+ activities every year

Free access to Digital Library

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Publishing academic papers on 13 CCF technical periodicals in China

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For first author only

CSP-Certified Software Professional in China

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3 times per year, results recognized by universities and companies.

ADL-Advanced Discipline Lecture in China

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10 times per year, inviting leading experts from domestic and abroad in the field as guest speakers

IEEE CS SSA membership

RMB 65/ Year

IEEE CS sister society associate program (SSA), special rates to IEEE CS conferences, and 3 newsletters per month

ACM membership

RMB 100/ Year

Special rates to ACM conference, ACM Newsletters.