CCF Digital Agriculture Branch Recruit Standing Members


In July, CCF adopted a resolution on the establishment of "CCF Digital Agriculture Branch" in the 4th meeting of CCF 12th Executive Board. In September, CCF released the announcement to start building the Digital Agriculture Branch and solicit the first executive members. After discussion and review by the preparatory team, the list of 177 first executive members was finally determined.

CCF plans to hold a founding meeting of Digital Agriculture Branch in Shenyang (to be notified later). According to Regulations on Election of Leadership of CCF TC branches, the executives of the Branch and standing members will be elected at the meeting.

Now it is open to all the first executive members to collect applications for standing members. Any executive members who are willing to participate in the election can apply for till November 5, 2021.

Please see the list of first executive members of CCF Digital Agriculture Branch (Chinese)