CCF Recognizes Professor Zhu for Distinguished Service


CCF Distinguished Service Award, is to honor individuals have a long-term of more than 10 years service to CCF, and make very prominent contributions to CCF.

CCF Awarding Committee recognized Professor Zhu Qiaoming, Suzhou University,  with 2023 CCF Distinguished Service Award, for his great contributions to CCF.



Zhu Qiaoming, Professor, Suzhou University

Professor Zhu Qiaoming volunteered to CCF for a long time and engaged in organizing conferences such as CNCC2007 and CNCC2019. Formerly serving as the first chairman of Suzhou Chapter and YOCSEF Suzhou of CCF, he played an important role in assisting CCF in cooperating with the Suzhou Municipal Government, successful launch and operation for CCF business headquarters in Suzhou.