CCF and IPSJ Signed Agreement


On March 15, 2024, CCF and IPSJ (Japan Information Processing Society) held a meeting at the University of Kanagawa to discuss for better cooperation, serve their members, and explore further cooperation.

Hu Shimin, VP of CCF,  & academician of the CAS, professor of Tsinghua University, Tang Weiqing, Secretary general of CCF, and Ma Yupeng, director of CNCC, CCF; Norishige MORIMOTO, IPSJ President, Akira Tajima, Vice President of IPSJ, Taizo Kinoshita, Secretary General of IPSJ,Hironori Washizaki, Professor of Waseda University and President of IEEE CS 2025, Professor Masanori AKIYOSHI, Kanagawa University , and Professor Toshinori Sato, Fukuoka University attended the meeting.


Since establishment of cooperative relationship in 2014, CCF and IPSJ have carried out series of  cooperation. IPSJ supports CNCC every year, but also invites CCF experts to give special reports in annual academic conference of IPSJ. Mr. Sun Ninghui, President of CCF, former Chairmen Gao Wen, Mei Hong, Hu Shimin, VP of CCF, Professor Chen Daoxu, CCF Fellow and former Secretary General Du Zide have successively given keynote speeches to annual conference of IPSJ. Over the past 10 years, both sides have conducted continuous visits and communications, and CCF delegation has visited 9 times for inspection in Japan. Both sides expressed high recognition and agreement on the previous cooperation. Tang Weiqing invited IPSJ to attend CNCC 2024, and IPSJ also invited CCF to visit its headquarters.