2023 CCF Outstanding Contribution Award to Didi Company and Professor Zhou Zhihua


CCF Outstanding Contributions Award is to recognize those has made unique and significant contributions to CCF, such as views on hot topics is unique and was adopted by CCF, initiating and organizing new series of CCF academic meetings, outstanding contributions in promoting cooperation between CCF and other organizations, naming the awards or large sum of grants to CCF, etc.

CCF Awarding Committee awarded Professor Zhou Zhihua, Nanjing University, and Didi Company with 2023 CCF Outstanding Contribution award for their great contributions to CCF.



Zhou Zhihua, CCF Fellow, Professor, Nanjing University

Professor Zhou Zhihua initiated the "CCF AI Conference", which significantly enhanced the influence of CCF  in AI both home and abroad. He has also made outstanding contributions to the important events of CCF, while he ever served as  Director of CCF Technical Committee,  Director of CCF Working Committee, Chairman of CNCC Program Committee, and Chairman of CCF Awards  Committee.


Beijing Didi Tech Co., Ltd.

Didi Company has established  strategic cooperation relationship with CCF, such as CCF-Didi Big Data Lab,  Gaia Research Plan, sponsored CNCC and the "CCF Outstanding College Students Plan", and made outstanding contributions to promote university-industry cooperation and enhance CCF influence.