The Online Seminar on Speech, Dialogue and Auditory Successfully Held  06-19-2020

On June 13, 2020, the Online Seminar on Speech, Dialogue and Auditory, hosted by CCF and organized by CCF Task Force on Speech, Dialogue and Auditory, and supported by Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intel...

CCF Will Establish the Committee on Professional and Academic Ethics  06-16-2020

CCF will set up a committee on "Professional and Academic ethics".On June 27,2020, CCF Executive Board approved the appointment of co-chair of the Committee .

CCF Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with ANT Group  06-10-2020

On 8th June, 2020, China Computer Federation (CCF) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ANT Group, in the research-funded project, education support, talent training, publicity and other fiel...

Design for CCF HQ is Ready  04-03-2020

The design proposal for CCF HQ is available and shown in the position of Suzhou New Town yesterday.

CCF Recognized the Objects as “Memory of China Computing History”  01-17-2020

CCF Historical Memory Recognition Committee confirmed four valuable and historical objects as the third batch of "Memory of China Computing History"。

CCF Announced the Recipients of Honorary Member 2019  01-14-2020

In the CCF Awarding Ceremony on Jan. 11, 2020, CCF announced the recipients of 2019 Honorary Member of CCF.

The First Workshop on Intelligent Robot by IR Task Force in Beijing  01-13-2020

CCF Task Force on Intelligent Robot established on 11th January, 2020 in CCF HQ Beijing, and held the first workshop on intelligent robot with more than 60 members of TFIR and related professionals.

The Inauguration Ceremony of New CCF President Held in Beijing  01-12-2020

The inauguration ceremony of new CCF president was held in Beijing on Jan. 11, 2020.