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CCF Announces the Recipients of Honorary Member 2019

In the CCF Awarding Ceremony on Jan. 11, 2020, CCF announced the recipients of 2019 Honorary Member of CCF.

The Inauguration Ceremony of New CCF President Held in Beijing

The inauguration ceremony of new CCF president was held in Beijing on Jan. 11, 2020.

CCF Announced the Recipients of 2019 CCF Life-time Achievement Award

CCF Awarding Council decided to name Mr. Shen Changxiang, Professor, Navy Institute of Computing Institute, and Mr. Wei Daozheng, Professor, Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Science, the recipients of 2019 CCF Life-time Achievement Award, for their remarkable contribution to the development of China computing technology.

2019 CCF Xia-Peisu Award Winners

CCF Award Committee decided to honor Professor Chen Zuoning, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Professor Huang Lingyi, Loongson Technology Co., Ltd., the 2019 CCF Xia-Peisu Award, for their great contribution to promote China computing industry.