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CCF Names 2020 Fellows

On Jan. 7th, 2021, CCF recognized 10 distinguished members with 2020 CCF Fellows. In 2020, CCF Fellow Committee received 27 nominations totally, after evaluation by email and meeting, 10 CCF Distinguished members were elected as 2020 CCF Fellows.

CCF Announced 2020 CCF Outstanding Education Award Recipients

CCF Awarding Committee will honor Mr. Li Lian, Professor of Hefei Polytechnic University, and Ms. Geng Guohua, Professor of Northwest University with 2020 CCF Outstanding Education Award, for their great contributions to higher education in China.

CCF Honors Lin Hao with 2020 Outstanding Engineer Award

Lin Hao, researcher of Alibaba Group, was awarded "2020 CCF Outstanding Engineer Award", for he designs and develops Alibaba middleware service framework HSF. ​

CCF Announced 2020 Outstanding Doctorial Dissertation Award Winners

CCF Awarding Committee decided to honor 10 PHDs with 2020 Outstanding Doctorial Dissertation Award, for their great performance in innovation and academic influence.