China Computer Federation (CCF)


Founded in 1962, China Computer Federation (CCF), as the leading organization on computing technology and applications in China, currently has 68,000 paid members, and run independently with no funding from government. 

CCF has 40 technical committees, 16 working committees and 30 chapters serving the members all over the country. All members of CCF Board/Executive Board and Supervisory Council are voted through open and margin election, that is truly governed by the membership.

As CCF flagship event, China National Computer Congress (CNCC)  attracts more than 10000+ participants every year. 

National Olympiad Informatics (NOI), is a computer programming competition for teenagers, with 110,000 students participating each year.

The CCF recommended List of International Academic Conferences and Periodicals on computing,update every year, and well received international recognition.

The upcoming CCF Computer Museum of 30,000 square meters, under construction in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, will be the largest computer museum in Asia in 2022.

ACM and IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) are close partners of CCF.

Our Mission:

Advancing computing technology and applications & Serving the professionals in computing

Governance Model