CCF Announces 2023 Xia-peisu Award Recipients


CCF Xia-Peisu Award,  in memory of the academician Xia Peisu, the predecessor of computing science in China, is to recognize female scientists and engineers who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the computing science, engineering, education and industry.

CCF Awarding Committee decided that Professor Wang Yunhong, Beihang University, and Professor Zhu Xiaoyan, Tsinghua University,are awarded with 2023 CCF Xia-Peisu Award for their great contributions to China computer industry.



Wang Yunhong

CCF Fellow, & Professor of Beihang University

Professor Wang Yunhong is an outstanding scholar in pattern recognition, who has made great contributions in biometric recognition and general visual representation, and related results  applied in the public security and network security to meet the requirements of major national projects.


Zhu Xiaoyan

Professor of Tsinghua University

Professor Zhu Xiaoyan is an outstanding scholar in artificial intelligence, who has made outstanding contributions in neural network models, text sentiment analysis, dialogue systems, and optical character recognition engines, achieving significant both economic and social benefits.