CCF Membership

As the leading computing society in China, CCF strengthens to support the professional growth of members, and what members gain from CCF.

The reason why 55000 + members joining CCF is that CCF helps them keep pace of emerging trends and technologies, stay contact and communication with their peers, and gain opportunities to stage the talents.

CCF is a society of members, by the members, and for the members. CCF membership offers rich resources on computing and related fields with:

* Communications of The CCF (CCCF): monthly journal, original research and practice on computing science, technology and application.

* Academic conferences, workshops and forums hosted by 36 technical committees covering most scope of computing.

* Local activities and networking opportunities by 30 chapters in cities.

* More than 200 forums and symposiums by 27 branches of Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum (YOCSEF)

* 44 student chapters in universities

* Digital Library: all original resources including publications, journals, presentations, videos, e-learnings, and reports on computing.

* 13 prestigious awards: recognizes contribution and achievements on computing in China, such as Wang-Xuan Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, Computer Entrepreneurs Award and so on.

CCF also offers volunteer opportunities for members to serve others involved in CCF governance, and show their best in the society.  

Joining CCF, the largest academic society in computer science and technology in China, means that you not only pursue professional advancement and excellence in computing technology, but also you highly recognize the vision, mission, culture and service of CCF and you can certainly bring your professional talents into full play, contribute to the development of computing technology, and improve your profession with members in CCF.

Join CCF now for your career development!