China Computer Federation (CCF) has recently updated the 5th edition of List of International Academic Conferences and Periodicals Recommended by CCF (hereinafter referred to as "the List"), which is hereby released.

In December 2018, CCF started to update the List. It has been three years since the fourth edition of the List released in December 2015. The principle of update is to fine-tune on existing contents, classification of subjects and recommended levels of A, B, C remains unchanged. categories of journals and conferences unchanged. Conference papers refer to "Full paper" or "Regular paper". Papers published in other formats such as Short paper, Demo paper, Technical Brief, Summary and Workshop in the conference are excluded from the List. It should be noted that magazines published by publishing houses and academic societies are not included in the List.

The renewal work is divided into three phases: 1. collecting the proposals; 2. reviewing and recommending by experts in charge of respective subjects;3. final approval. According to CCF authorization and agenda, CCF Committee on Academic Affairs is in charge of organizing experts to update of the List, meanwhile, to collect and provide relevant data and information about the periodicals and conferences, views of international peers, and other support in the initial review and recommendation phase.

The revision of List, by calling for proposals to CCF Technical Committees, received 233 proposals from 30 TCs, 150 proposals on conferences covered 119 meetings, and 83 proposals on periodicals covered 63 journals.

In the course of review, CCF Committee on Academic Affairs brought experts together to discuss and analyze these suggestions thoroughly, which were reviewed and recommended by the initial assessment panel, and examined by the final evaluation panel,then the final results is out. The factors as the influence of conferences and periodicals, also the approximate balance between different fields, are taken into account. Refer to the computing, such a fast-growing and wide-ranging subject, both the number and influence of periodicals and conferences are constantly changing. These changes are reflected in the List as much as possible, however, it is impossible to get all in the List and some regrets left, the only way is to improve by regular updates. Any suggestions and comments on the List are welcomed for future revisions.

It should be pointed out that the recommended List by CCF for professionals and researchers on computing to publish their findings and results, is not sole criteria for academic evaluation, but as a suggestion or reference for the industry. It should also be cleared that due to some overlapped areas and different perspectives, it is common for one publication/conference with divergences in different fields, and this list only represents CCF recommendations on these conferences and journals. In addition, there is not direct link between the influence of journals and conferences and a single paper published on them, so it is not recommended that any organization would apply the List for academic evaluation. CCF will not assume any responsibility for the disputes which aroused by regarding the List as the basis for academic evaluation.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to CCF members, technical committees and experts for their contribution and support in the review of the List, especially providing many valuable advice, detailed data and information for this revision of the List.

China Computer Federation

25th April, 2019