APIO2024 China, May 16-18, 2024


Hosted by China Computer Federation (CCF) and organzied by Hangzhou Wenyuan Middle School of Xuejun Edcuation Group, 2024 Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO 2024) was held online on May 18th in participating countries and regions, and CCF is responsible for organizing this online international event. APIO2024 China offline event was held in Hangzhou from May 16th to 20th 2024.



APIO2024 has a total of 40 representative teams from different countries and regions participating, reaching the highest number in history. More than 700 tutors and students from 27 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions participated in China regional event.


After the test on May 18th,  a total of 74 gold medals, 129 silver medals, and 176 bronze medals  in APIO2024, with the score lines of 240 points for the gold medal, 200 points for the silver, and 115 points for the bronze. The final for China to enter the international competition will be determined after the completion of tests in all countries and regions.