CCF Announced 2023 Award for Overseas Outstanding Contribution


The CCF Awards Committee decided to honor Professor Teng Shanghua, from the University of Southern California and Professor Xu Jie from the School of Computer Science at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, the 2023 CCF Award for Overseas Outstanding Contribution, in recognition of their outstanding achievements in the computer field and contributions to computer industry in China.

CCF Award for Overseas Outstanding Contribution,  is to honor individuals or organization abroad for their great contribution to CCF and China computer industry on scientific research, academic communication, talents cultivation and international cooperation.


Professor Teng Shanghua is an internationally renowned expert in theoretical computer science. He has made outstanding contributions in research fields such as algorithm smoothing analysis and linear time Laplace solvers. He has maintained long-term close exchanges and cooperation with domestic research institutions and scholars in the computing, and has trained more talents in the field of computer science in China.

Professor Xu Jie is an international renowned expert in distributed systems and trusted computing. He has made contributions in service-oriented system engineering, resource management, and other fields. He has collaborated with Chinese scholars to lead the construction of large-scale infrastructure such as trusted virtual computing environments, and continues to promote research and talent cultivation in the field of distributed systems in China.