2022 CCF Outstanding Contribution Award to Alibaba Group and Professor Yang Shiqiang


CCF Outstanding Contributions Award is to recognize those has made unique and significant contributions to CCF, such as views on hot topics is unique and was adopted by CCF, initiating and organizing new series of CCF academic meetings, outstanding contributions in promoting cooperation between CCF and other organizations, naming the awards or large sum of grants to CCF, etc.

CCF Awarding Committee awarded Professor Yang Shiqiang, Tsinghua University, and Alibaba Group with 2022 CCF Outstanding Contribution award for their great contributions to CCF.



Alibaba Group supports the development of various undertakings of CCF for the long-term. Over the years, more than 11 million yuan has been invested in CCF and many staffs play important roles in the CCF including Standing Council, Working Committee, Technical Committee and other sectors. Moreover, Alibaba Group have made important contributions to the digital transformation of CCF.


Professor Yang Shiqiang, had been the first secretary of Party Committee and former chief supervisor of CCF, and made important contributions to the governance in CCF. He initiated the establishment of CCF Committee for Women in computing, and launched "CCF@U" activity, which is one of branding activities of CCF, while delivering more than 70 lectures in recent years, and having important contributions to spread CCF culture and the improvement for young teachers. He urged the establishment of UR Club, which effectively promoted the cooperation between universities and enterprises.