CCF Launched Partnership with GCI


In order to provide better service for the members of both sides, China Computer Federation (CCF in short) and the Society of Chinese Computer Scientists in Germany (GCI) signed cooperation agreement at the opening ceremony of 13th FCPAE European Forum 2022 and Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe.

Both parties will hold regular joint meetings, participate in important activities of the other party, and publish important information in their own media, besides carrying out activities benefits members of both parties. If the epidemic situation allows, both sides will also have delegate to visit each other every year.


Brief introduction of GCI

The Gesellschaft Chinese Informatiker in Deutschland e.V. (GCI) was established in 1986 in Karlsruhe, Germany. It is a public welfare organization registered in the Karlsruhe court with more than 500 members by now, and most of them are experts in IT management, research and production who have obtained doctorate or master's degree in Germany. GCI has a large number of talents who are proficient in Internet, database, big data, AI, advanced manufacture, brain-inspired computing, robot technology and etc.

Since its establishment, GCI has been committed to the development and promotion of academic communications in the computing between students studying and overseas Chinese in Germany. GCI has established and strengthened ties with scientific research institutions and industry in the field of information technology, helped China and Germany understand each other's development trends in the fields of scientific research, development and computer application, and carried out cooperation in industry and scientific research institutions.

In November 2001, in order to unite more overseas Chinese and overseas students in Europe, GCI initiated the establishment of the Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe (FCPAE) (www.fcpae. com) in Frankfurt, Germany, and was elected as the first chairman Association.