CCF Announced 2021 Xia-Peisu Award Winners


Professor Jin Zhi, Peking University, and Professor Shi Yuanchun, Tsinghua Unviersity were awarded the 2021 Xia-Peisu Award (to Female Scientist) for their great contributions to advance China Computing Industry.

Xia-Peisu Award, former CCF Outstanding Female Computer Worker Award, established in 2014, in memory of the academician Xia Peisu, the predecessor of computer science in China. The award is to recognize female scientists and engineers who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the computing science, engineering, education and industry.


Jin Zhi

Jin Zhi, Professor, Peking University, CCF Fellow

Professor Jin Zhi has been engaged in the research of knowledge-based software engineering for a long time. She has made achievements in the intelligent and automatic methods of software life cycle,  and code understanding and generation based on representation learning, and has made important contributions to improve the technical of software engineering in China.


Shi Yuanchun, Professor, Tsinghua University, CCF Fellow

Professor Shi Yuanchun has been engaged in the research of human-computer interaction and pervasive computing for a long time, and made innovative achievements in the basic theory and key technology of natural human-computer interaction, which promoted the industrial application of human-computer interaction. Meanwhile, she has made important contributions to trans-national training on high-level talents.