CCF Named the Recipients of 2021 Outstanding Education Award


CCF Outstanding Education Award, established in 2012, is awarded to educators who have made outstanding contributions to computer education and talents cultivation, or to those who have made important contributions to the reform and development of computer education in China.

CCF Awarding Committee decided to recognize Professor Yuan Chunfeng, Nanjing University, and Professor Zhang Ming, Peking University, 2021 CCF Outstanding Education Award, for their great contributions on the development of China higher education.


Yuan Chunfeng

Yuan Chunfeng, Professor, Nanjign Unversity

Professor Yuan Chunfeng has been engaged in the teaching reform and innovation of computer system course for a long time. She has made outstanding achievements in textbook compilation and experimental design, teaching resources and improvement of computer system education.

Zhang Ming

Zhang Ming, Professor, Peking University

Professor Zhang Ming has made outstanding achievements in research and reform of computer teaching, and great contributions to promote the communication and cooperation on computer education research between China and ACM / IEEE.