CCF Launched Programming Trainer Accreditation Plan



CCF Programming Trainer Accreditation (PTA) plan kick-off meeting was held in Beijing on December 8, 2020.

As an influential and credible organization, CCF has advantages in terms of competency assessment for professionals, meanwhile with NOI impacts for decades, CCF certification is well recognized by the society. In order to enhance the efficiency for students and their parents, and improve the professional competence in the programming training and the branding of the training companies, CCF decided to launch the Programming Trainer Accreditation (PTA) program to build good ecology for the training market.

PTA program, targeted the teachers engaged in programming training, is to test those ability on computer programming and teaching. The qualified teachers should be trained in algorithm and programming, and with practical experience in programming and teaching. CCF will issue the certificate when passed the certification, and certificates include three levels: primary, senior, and master. In the future, PTA will organize teacher training, institutional survey, compilation of training guidance books and other related work, to help teachers improve their competence and professional qualification, and promote the popularization and development of computer programming education.

PTA AC members

PTA Committee members

PTA set up Accreditation Committee, responsible for PTA certification, including sub-committees on Management and Technology, Management committee is responsible for certification organizing and promotion, Technical committee is responsible for technical affairs.


PTA Committee members and chairs of sub-committees