CCF Announces 2021 Life Achievements Award Recipients


CCF Awarding Committee named Hu Shouren, Professor of National University of Defense Technology, and Zhang Jingzhong, Professor of Guangzhou University, recipients of 2021 CCF Life Achievements Award for their outstanding achievement in the development of China computer industry.

CCF Life Achievements Award,Established in 2010, CCF recognize those have been made remarkable achievements and tremendous contributions in the fields of computer science, technology and engineering, with more than 40 years of working experience and over 70 years of age.

Details about Winners:

Professor Hu Shouren

Professor Hu Shouren, National University of Defense Technology

Professor Hu Shouren is a scientist of the first generation on computer architecture in China. He has been engaged in the research of high-performance computer systems for a long time, and made outstanding contributions to  high-performance computers in China. As one of the team leaders, he has completed the development of 151-IV million times of mainframe computers and China's first 100 million times of supercomputer-- "Galaxy I".

Professor Zhang Jingzhong

Professor Zhang Jingzhong, Guangzhou University, Academician of CAS

Professor Zhang Jingzhong has long term commitment to science popularization and made outstanding contributions in the development of intelligent technology of machine theorem proof. He proposed the numerical parallel method of theorem machine proof, solved the problems of embedding elementary graphics in Euclidean space, and initiated the principle and method of automatic generation of readable proof of geometric theorem.