CCF Recognized the Objects as “Memory of China Computing History”


In order to better preserve the precious historical objects in the development of computer in China, CCF launched the "Memory of China Computing History" (shorted as "CCF Historical Memory") Recognition Program in 2017, and identified the precious objects, which developed or produced in China, and with historic significance to the development of computer in China, including computer-related prototype systems, components and devices. books, software, etc.

After collection and identification, CCF Historical Memory Recognition Committee confirmed four valuable and historical objects as the third batch of "Memory of China Computing History", and issued certificates for the above-mentioned computer historical objects in the "2019 CCF Awards Ceremony" on January 11, 2020.

A Class :

* Dawning No.1 Parallel Computer

* YH-YH 9108 Core Router


Dawning No.1 Parrallel Computer (Sample)


YH-YH 9108 Core Router

B Class 

* Written manuscripts of programs for No. 104, 109-II, 111, 119, 013, 655 computers etc.

* Proceedings of The 3rd National Electronic Computer Conference (1965)



Manuscripts of computer programs


Proceeding of the 3rd National Electronic Computer Conference (1965)