Call for Nomination: CCF/ACM Award for Artificial Intelligence


Jointly established in 2020 by CCF and ACM, CCF/ACM Award for Artificial Intelligence is presented annually to recognize those professionals worked in China with outstanding contributions in theorytechnology or applications in artificial intelligence during awarding period, and up to 3 candidates will be awarded. The award winner will be selected by the selection committee composed by two parties and be presented a certificate and award.


Nomination deadline: 31st August, 2020

The nomination should contain:

l Minimum of 3 nominators should be members of CCF Board, Supervisory Council, Fellow, Distinguished Members or ACM Fellow, ACM Distinguished Scientist.

l The main nominator should be much familiar with nominee’s achievement and contribution, and make written or oral statement about nominee, as well as inquiries from award committee.

l The award requires max 3 endorsements.


1. The main nominator should complete the

Nomination Form of CCF-ACM Award for Artificial Intelligence (2020)

, with nominee’s CV.


Endorsement Form of CCF-ACM Award for Artificial Intelligence (2020)

for Endorsers also required to submit.

3. All forms must be submitted to by 31st August, 2020.