CCF Names 2019 CCF Fellows


On December 1, 2019, CCF Committee on Fellow Program named 9 Distinguished Members as CCF Fellows of 2019 out of 24 nominations.

CCF Fellow Program initiated in 2008 to recognize those members who have made outstanding achievements in the field of computer science or made exceptional contributions to CCF and have membership for more than five consecutive years. CCF Fellow is the highest level in the membership of CCF. So far, there are 117 CCF Fellows totally.

The 9 CCF Fellows in 2019 are:


Feng Dan, Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology,CCF Board member & Director, Technical Committee on Information Storage Technology 

She focus on the research of new non-volatile storage technology, large-scale network storage system, cloud storage, fault-tolerant theory, computer system structure and other research work.


Gu Ning, Professor of Fudan University, CCF Board member & Director, Technical Committee on Cooperative Computing 

He has been engaged in the research of collaborative computing, CSCW and social computing for a long time, including distributed collaborative computing, social collaborative computing and group intelligence collaborative computing.


Huang Tiejun, Professor, Peking University, member of CCF Technical Committee on multimedia technology

Research on the image recognition, video coding and brain-inspired intelligence and related standardization work.


Jiao Licheng, Professor, XiDian University

He focus on the studying the optimization and learning in massive, high-dimensional and unstructured information processing, especially on the learning and optimization theory based on computational intelligence and application in complex images.


Li Bo, Professor, Beihang University, & CCF Board Member, Director of Technical Committee of Multimedia Technology

He was engaged in the research and development of video clear perception, complex scene content analysis, remote sensing information fusion processing, etc


Wang Guoyin, Professor, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications & CCF Board Member

Engaged in the research of rough set, granular computing, data mining, cognitive computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields.


Wang Juhong, Senior Engineer, Tecent, & Deputy Director of CCF Board

Engaged in R & D and management of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields.


Wang Xiaoyang, Professor, Fudan Unviersity & Member of Academic Committee, Task force on Big Data , TC on Database, CCF

Focus on the research in big data field, especially database system.


Xu Yingqing, Professor, Tsinghua University, Member of  TC on Human Computer Interaction

Engaged in the research and teaching of natural interactive experience design, immersion perception and interactive design, tactile cognition and interactive design, digital animation, cultural heritage digitization, and the theory and method of lifelong learning