2019 CCF Wang-Xuan Award Recipients


CCF Wang-Xuan Award, established in 2005, in honor of the late Professor Wang Xuan, famous computer scientist, is awarded individuals who have made key breakthroughs in the frontier of computing science and technology, with considerable academic achievements to bring great economic and social benefits to the society through transformation and industrialization.

CCF Awards Committee decided to bestow 2019 CCF Wang-Xuan Award on Professor Hu Shimin, from Tsinghua University, ang Mr. Wang Tao, founder & CEO, Shenzhen DJ-Innovations Technology Co., Ltd., in recognition of their outstanding achievements and important contributions on computing science and technology.

China Computer Federation

Oct. 10, 2019


Professor Hu Shimin


Professor Hu Shimin has been focused on intelligent processing of visual media, both research and talent training, covering from the theory, method and application. He proposed new approach of visual media computing based on cognition, and made important progress in geometric reconstruction and efficient computing of visual media, and more, successfully applied in the reconstruction of large-scale process factories and the construction of massive street scenes.


Wang Tao


Mr. Wang Tao and his team fully integrated UAV flight control system, camera system, image transmission system and other modules into a centralized platform, creating a world-famous civil aerial photography integrated UAV with highly automatic control, changing the situation that only industrial UAV is available for aerial photography , and making great contributions to the UAV as a common consumer goods entering thousands of households.