Review: CCF TF14 Seminar on Federated Machine Learning Technology and Data Privacy Protection


On 24th March, CCF TF14 Seminar, hosted by CCF, and organized by WeBank and WeBank Fintech Research Institute of Shenzhen University, was held in Shenzhen University with the topic of “Federated Machine Learning: Technology and Data Privacy Protection”.


With the tendency of data privacy protection at home and abroad, data sharing becomes more difficult. How to carry out AI big data research on the premise of data privacy? "Federed Machine Learning" can break the "data isolated island of data" and apply it to AI. CCF TF14 seminar, focusing on "Federated Machine Learning Technology and Data Privacy Protection", invites a lot of experts as speakers, including Mr. Yang Qiang, President, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) & Chief AI Officer of WeBank, Professor Yu Han, Nanyang Technological University, Mr. Liu Yang, senior research fellow of AI Department, WeBank, Mr. Zhang Junbo, Director, AI Platform, Computer Department, JD, Mr. Wang Yuwei, Partner, Beijing Guantao Law Firm (Shanghai), Mr. Chen Yuqiang, co-founder & chief scientist of 4 Paradigm, Mr. Chen Tianjian, VP, AI Department of WeBank.