² Life Achievement Award

Established in 2010, CCF recognize those have been made remarkable achievements and tremendous contributions in the fields of computer science, technology and engineering, with more than 40 years of working experience and over 70 years of age.

² Wang-Xuan Award

With its origin of CCF Innovation Award in 2005, and renamed as Wang-Xuan Award in 2006, awarded individuals with considerable academic achievements in computing and great contributions to the society.

² Outstanding Contribution Award

Established in 2010, to recognize those has made unique and significant contributions to CCF, such as views on hot topics is unique and was adopted by CCF, initiating and organizing new series of CCF academic meetings, outstanding contributions in promoting cooperation between CCF and other organizations, naming the awards or large sum of grants to CCF, etc.

² Award for Overseas Outstanding Contribution

The award is to honor individuals or organizations abroad for their great contribution to CCF and China computer industry.

² Distinguished Service Award

The award is to honor individuals have a long-term service to CCF, and make very prominent contributions to CCF.

² Xia-Peisu Award

Xia-Peisu Award, former CCF Outstanding Female Computer Worker Award, established in 2015, in memory of the academician Xia Peisu, the predecessor of computer science in China. The award is to recognize female scientists and engineers who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the computing science, engineering, education and industry.

² Outstanding Education Award

CCF Outstanding Education Award, established in 2012, is awarded to educators who have made outstanding contributions to computer education and talents cultivation, or to those who have made important contributions to the reform and development of computer education in China.

² Computer Entrepreneurs Award

CCF Computer Entrepreneur Award was established in 2013 to honor leaders who have made significant contributions to the development of computer and information industries, and their business performance has been widely recognized by the industry and community.

² Outstanding Engineer Award

CCF Outstanding Engineer Award, established in 2016 is awarded to outstanding achievements and important contributions in the computer engineering technology and application.

² CCF-IEEE CS Young Computer Scientist Award

To honor young scientists with outstanding achievements and contributions in computing scientific research.

² Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

The Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award was established in 2006 and no more than 10 authors of outstanding and innovative doctoral dissertations in computer science and technology are recognized every year.

² Award for Innovation on Computer Science and Engineering

The award, established in 2012, recognize the achievements or programs of great social significance in computer science, technology and application, shall be nominated by the Award Sub-committee.

²Elite Collegiate Award

The award is for 100 junior and senior students in the universities who have excellent academic performance and outstanding performance in scientific research practices; or have a sense of social responsibility, actively participate in social activities and commonweal activities.

List of CCF Awards  (Chinese)