CCF Announced 2022 Wang Xuan Award Recipients


The CCF Awarding Committee decided to present "2022 CCF Wang Chosen Award" to Professor Liu Yunhao, Tsinghua University, and Dr. Yang Zhenkun, Chief scientist, Beijing Aoxing Bess Technology Co., Ltd., in recognition of their remarkable academic achievements and contributions in computer and related fields.

Wang-Xuan Award, established in 2005, in memory of Professor Wang Xuan, the renowned computer scientist, to recognize individuals who have made cutting-edge breakthroughs in the computing science and technology, and created significant economic or social benefits through transformation and industrialization of research achievements.



Liu Yunhao

Professor Liu Yunhao established the theory of non ranging location and locatability in the Internet of Things, proposed the group intelligence perception computing model and infault diagnosis technology in large-scale self-organized Internet of Things, and made outstanding contributions to the research and application of the Internet of Things in China.


Yang Zhenkun 

Dr. Yang Zhenkun, in his early years, made important contributions to the research and development of laser phototypesetting system in China. In recent years, he has led the innovative research of Ocean Base--  distributed relational database system, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of the database in China.