Workshop on Computing Education for Teenagers 2022



Hosted by CCF, Workshop on Computing Education for Teenagers (WCET 2022) was held in CCF Center of Conference and Business, Suzhou (CCF CCB) on 16-18 August, 2022. The theme of WCET 2022 is the Development of Thinking in Computer Programming Education. WCET2022 featured keynote speech, breakout sessions and panel discussion.

Keynote Speech: Development of IT Curriculum Oriented to Key Competence

Li Feng, Associated Professor, East China Normal University

WCET Keynote


  1. Ye Guoping, Middle School of Anhui Normal University

  2. Jia Zhiyong, Beijing No.80 Middle School

  3. Zhou Zusong, Yucai School, Chongqing

  4. Zou Yi, No. 8 Middle School, Hengyang, Hunan

  5. Jing Xiaohong, Senior High School, Danyang, Jiangsu

  6. Chen Zhen, No.5 Middle School, Taiyuan