Chinese Team Won Top 4 in IOI 2022


The 34th International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI2022), which is the spot contest since pandemic of 2020, was held on 7th-15th August, 2022 in Indonesia.


There were total 349 participants from 90 national and regional teams participated in IOI 2022, and every team may independently choose whether on-site or online participation. Because of the epidemic, CCF has set up competition venue in Beijing for Chinese team with the approval of the IOI 2022 organization committee.


In IOI 2022, there are total 30 gold medals, 59 silver medals and 91 bronze medals. The four players of the Chinese team won all top four gold medals and ranked the first place in the group with absolute advantages.

Especially to be mentioned, all the four members of the Chinese team obtained full marks in the first test, and two of them finally won the gold medal with the excellent results of full marks in both tests.