CCF Will Establish the Committee on Professional and Academic Ethics


CCF, as academic society of members mainly engaged in computing science and technology, should formulate corresponding norms and codes of conduct, and require the members and practitioners in the field to implement them. The Code will show the values of CCF, and be consistent with the universal value orientation of human beings. Therefore, CCF will set up a committee on "Professional and Academic ethics".

The committee will study ethical and professional codes of conduct in computing technology and related fields, and propose codes of conduct that should be observed by organizations (R & D institutions and product providers) and practitioners in this field, and formulate written norms, which will be released finally to the public after approval by the CCF Board.

The committee is composed of people engaged in scientific research and technological development as well as those engaged in ethics. There are two chairmen, and one from the scientific and technological circles and the other from the philosophy and ethics. On June 27,2020, CCF Executive Board approved the appointment of co-chair of the Committee .



Chen Daoxu, Professor

Computer Science and Technology Department, Nanjing University, 

CCF Fellow & Honorary Board Member

Professor Chen engaged in computer technology research and teaching for nearly 40 years, serving as the director of Computer Science and Technology Department and president of Software College in Nanjing University. For his achievements in computer education and evaluation, and research findings, he has won several national awards on excellent teaching achievement and provincial-& ministerial Science and Technology Award.

Over the years, he has actively participated in the work of CCF. He was the director of TC on Open System and the director of Working Committee on Education. On behalf of CCF, he had been involved in the China Engineering Education Accreditation, and made contributions to the construction of China's engineering education accreditation system and joining the international degree mutual recognition organization. He was the honoree of the first outstanding education award and excellent service award of CCF.


Wang Guoyu, Professor 

Institute of Philosophy,Fudan University

Yangtze River Scholar Professor, the Ministry of Education

Professor Wang Guoyu, is the Director of Life Medicine Ethics Research Center, & Science and Technology Ethics and Social Governance Research Center,Fudan University, and vice chair,Committee on Science & Technology and Engineering Ethics, China Dialectics of Nature Research Association, and member of Advisory Committee, Shanghai National New-generation Artificial Intelligence Experimental Zone. She has long been engaged in the research of high-tech ethics and governance, as the chief expert of the National Social Science Fund's Key Project "Research on High-Tech Ethics", and the chief scientist of National R&D Plan special project "Research on Ethical Policies and Regulations of Precision Medicine".