CCF Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with ANT Group


On 8th June, 2020, China Computer Federation (CCF) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ANT Group, in the research-funded project, education support, talent training, publicity and other fields. On behalf of two sides, Mr. Du Zide, CEO of CCF, and Mr. Wei Tao, Director, Academic Committee, & VP of ANT Group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and announced the establishment of "CCF-Ant Research Fund Project". The project is aimed at young scholars and plans to invest 5 million yuan in the research. Before that, Ant Group has set up joint laboratories with many universities, with a total investment of 100 million yuan.


This fund project will set up 29 cutting-edge scientific research topics for artificial intelligence, blockchain, security and other fields, including the exploration of graph learning in spatiotemporal scene modeling, machine learning model security and so on, to support young scholars on the relevant research.