CCF Announced 2019 Outstanding Engineer Award Recipients


CCF Outstanding Engineer Award, established in 2016 is awarded to outstanding achievements and important contributions in the computer engineering technology and application.

CCF Awarding Committee decided to honor Mr. Xiao Xinguang, Founder and President of An Tian Group, and Mr. Yu Dianhai, Chief Architect of Paddle Paddle, Baidu with 2019 CCF Outstanding Engineer Award.


Xiao Xinguang

Founder & President, Antiy Group

Awarded for: 

Mr. Xiao Xinguang, established Antiy Lab with Geek spirit , and engaged in the cyber security over the past 20 years. He developed AVL SDK anti-virus engine and support system, large-scale malicious code capture and analysis system, etc. , are widely recognized in the industry, leading in the field of APT attack analysis in China.


Yu Dianhai

Chief Architect, Paddle Paddle, Deep Learnign, Baidu

Awarded for:

Mr. Yu Dian Hai has been engaged in the research, development, application and platform construction related to machine learning. He is the founder of Baidu's large-scale distributed machine learning training system, and now he is the chief architect of "PaddlePaddle"—deep learning open-source platform.