YOCSEF Block Chain Seminar


Trace the technology of ontology and Promotes the launch of application

YOCSEF Block Chain: Technology and Application Symposium held in Beijing

Block chain technology, from the market hype of technology trigger to the peak of inflated expectations, experienced a tale of two worlds in the past year with a lot of depreciation. Because of incomplete research and information asymmetry on any emerging technology related to the technology of ontology, it is easy to be used for fraud. So further intensive research is even more necessary to see through the appearance to the essence.

On April 13, CCF YOCSEF invited experts from academia and industry to discuss the technology of ontology of block chain, the scope of application and launch of industry development.


Co-chaired by Professor Peng Shaoliang, AC member, CCF YOCSEF & Deputy Director, National Super Computing (Changsha) Center, and Ms. Huang Tingting, AC member, CCF YOCSEF & Director of IUR Cooperation, Tencent, the seminar also invited two AC members of CCF YOCSEF as chairman online, they are Dr. Xu Jianjun, CEO & Founder of Beijing Caizhi S&T Co., and Mr. Lu Zeguang, Deputy director of Zhongke Guoding Data Research Institute.

More than 150 audiences participated in the seminar and over 2,000 people attended in the two webcasting platforms. At the beginning, Mr. Chen Runsheng, a bioinformatics expert & Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave his opening remarks: "The major breakthroughs in scientific research often come from the integration of interdisciplinary, and sensitivity and curiosity that scientific researchers should have, to the development of emerging technologies, especially the technology of ontology. I hoped that the attendees will learn more about the challenges of the core technology of block chain, share the practices on the launch of industry applications, and jointly promote the development of original technology platforms.”


This seminar was widely recognized by both speakers and audiences. Several attendees indicated that it is the best time for the research on block chain technology ontology and application after the cooling of fickle market. Meanwhile, as an emerging technology, those researchers and engineers are more likely to create original platforms and make efforts together to promote block chain from the stage of "trough of disillusionment" stably to "plateau of productivity".