YOCSEF Forum: The Balance of Privacy and Efficiency in the Age of AI


On March 15th,2019, CCTV Evening Show on the Protection of Consumer Rights, some companies on AI and big data went on the stage before the public. By some so-called “hi-tech”, such as intelligent voice robots and probe boxes, they make harassment calls to users, or to capture privacy information from people around them in public. As we all know, AI is tightly bound to the data, not only the development of AI based on the data base, but data aggregation and data acquisition attributed to AI progress. While data, as important as property, people took more and more attention on it, especially, when a lot of data related to personal, such as our consumptive habits, health data, online records, social communication, sports, diet data generated are concerned with personal privacy, and these data are usually collected by intelligent devices in daily life. With the progress and facilities of Artificial Intelligence, results in the improvement on social efficiency, but privacy information is gradually turned to the public, so the paradox of privacy protection and efficiency arises.


On March 23, CCF YOCSEF held a forum with the topic of "In the era of AI, privacy and efficiency be irreconcilable?" in Beijing. Focusing on privacy and efficiency, professionals are invited to discuss the future development of data assets in the era of AI, and try to solve the contradictions of privacy and efficiency, so as to advise on the development of China's artificial intelligence industry.

Co-chaired by Dr. Wu Zongyou, AC member of YOCSEF & Dawning Company, and Dr. Wu Guobin, academic secretary, YOCSEF & Didi, the Forum has online executive chairs, as Dr. Li Zhaodong, academic secretary, YOCSEF & Beijing Jiaotong University, and Dr. Tao Yaodong, AC members, YOCSEF & Qihoo 360 Company.